Tarece Johnson Hassell & Dr. Gerald Hassell started Beauty & Glory to quality organic products for natural or chemically processed hair. Frustrated with products that contain harmful chemicals, do not provide lasting moisture and having to use too many products at one time, we embarked on a journey to create a multipurpose product line that:


  • Provides extreme moisture

  • Repairs and protects hair & skin from environmental elements

  • Protects hair from harsh chemicals and daily styling

  • Restores hair luster and defines curls

  • Strengthens and detangles hair

  • Is natural & organic

  • Treats dry and irritated scalp & skin

  • Reduces breakage to help grow hair

Sweed's Shampoo & Body Cleanser

Cordell's Conditioner & Treatment

Sunshine Oil

Sha's Shea Moisturizer

Crème of the Nile

Currently our shopping cart is not set up.  To place an order for Beauty & Glory products please call 441-505-3095 or email us by clicking the product you wish to order.  To place an order for multiple products you can use our contact form below listing each product and the quantity you would like.  Please include a contact number at the end of your order.



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