Fro Experience Fashion Week 

Every year I attend the spectacular Fro Fashion Week in Atlanta which showcases the talents of many hair and fashion artists. Last year was made extra special for me as not only did two of my dear friends accompany me to the show but I was actually asked to be a part of the production!


I have always had an interest in natural hair and all of the aspects that contribute to the total natural hair maintenance and style. It was definitely a blessing to be a part of the whole scene. I truly enjoyed myself not only in the show but also with the thrift shopping, exploring the city, and also just meeting and greeting so many wonderful people. It has inspired me to further educate myself and endorse natural hair and natural beauty as a whole.


I would like to thank Tarin Booe and his mother, Key Lover, Curls Lune Ash, Team Linda from Baltimore, the V Bar friends, the Aubrey family, and all of those who continue to make the whole production a success. I will always hold this experience dear to my heart. God Bless.



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From a young girl my hair has always been natural it was  the hair that GOD has blessed me with and as being young I didn’t know the importance on how to embrace the hair that I was given. When I was a little girl my aunty started using chemicals on my hair and at that point chemicals was all I knew to use on my hair. I didn’t know anything else about my hair but for it to be done every month or so to be straight and for chemicals to be added onto my hair, by the time I thought about what damage I was doing to my hair it was too late to see the light of my own hair.

A long the years I come to realize that my hair is my beauty and it’s what makes me who I am today. Three years ago I decided to go natural and stop all the chemicals in my hair and just be me. I come to realize that being natural is not just my hair but it’s a lifestyle and culture that I choose to live by every day. I learned to take care of my hair as if it were a plant, like a plant in order for it to grow you need to water it and care for it daily.

I am thankful to God for showing me who I am and where I came from through my hair. I hope that this process encourages not just me but all my sisters to embrace who they are and where they come from.  Natural is not just hair, it’s a lifestyle and a culture.
Natural Blessings Always!


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